Lucifer's House Of Heat

Compras, Accesibilidad

1682 Davie Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6G 2K9

Lucifer's House Of Heat Accessibility

This business has self-assessed as having the following accessible attributes. Please contact the business directly for further detail if required.


  • Entrance has no steps or if there are one or more steps, there is non-slip ramp with a maximum of 5% slope
  • Entry route has a door that is at minimum 815 mm wide
  • One or more entry points are automated
Restroom In Public Area
  • Designated gender-neutral/family restroom that can also accommodate a support person
  • Can be reached without going up or down stairs, has a main entrance and/or stall that is a minimum 815 mm wide and has an outward swing door

Cognitive & Sensory Friendly

Overall Space
  • Neutral or muted colours that are calming and subdued
  • Surfaces, window coverings, and décor with minimal glare or reflection, as well as minimal use of bold patterns, shapes, or stripes
  • Subtle and/or natural lighting, no florescent or harsh lighting, and no dark shadows
  • Minimal visual clutter and obstacles
  • Door handles have colour contrast with the body of the door; doors and frames have colour contrast with adjacent walls; any glass doors are marked to make them clearly visible
Signs & Navigation
  • Directional signs at key decision points, including main entrances, restrooms, lounges, and reception desks
  • Signs include both text and pictures to help indicate the use of different rooms
  • Signs have minimal glare or reflection
Restroom In Public Area
  • Designated gender-neutral/family restroom that can also accommodate a support person
Food Services
  • Menus contain simple pictures or photos to help identify menu items
  • Menus use large, plain fonts and simple descriptions, with minimal visual stimuli


Service Dogs
  • Staff have been trained on guide and service dog policies

Lucifer’s House of Heat just opened on Davie street with a brand new concept: Sandwiches, Soups & soon to be Hot Wings, paired with hot sauces we are selling in our shop. Come and experience a fun and never seen before concept as a must-go stop in the Westend for hot challenges, gifts, Alcohol removed wines & spirits, affordable food, hot sauce tasting and private events. Our incredible hot sauce collection will leave you mesmerized. We ship our sauces & snacks all over Canada. Food available for pick up or instore seating area.